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Paige...lives in Arizona with three big dogs and a closet full of geekery.
Writer, star gazer, admitted cherry pepsi addict, and lover of all things Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, and about a thousand other things. I tend to ramble and confuse even myself.
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Boxer puppies and baby - Video

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*Sailor Moon theme intensifies*
Another print done for FanX. Whoop whoop!


*Sailor Moon theme intensifies*

Another print done for FanX. Whoop whoop!

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Brothers through the years.

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Pomeranian Swims in an Empty Sink


Pomeranian Swims in an Empty Sink

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Just look at the way Jensen is looking at Jared throughout this whole exchange….

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The Midnight Planétarium by Van Cleef & Arpels

The movement of each planet is true to its genuine length of orbit: it will take Saturn over 29 years to make a complete circuit of the dial, Jupiter will take almost 12 years, Mars 687 days, Earth 365 days, Venus 224 days and Mercury 88 days.

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so my friend killed a moth and he kind of just 


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"There are all types of love in this world but never the same love twice." — F. Scott Fizgerald (via foreverrtired)

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