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Just a quick question…how many livefeeders have or will cancel their subscriptions now that Zach is gone?

I wish there was something we could sign or tweet to bring Zach back. It’s only been one night with out him and the feeds are almost unbearable. I can’t imagine what the rest of the time in the BB house will be like.

Ugh, the live feeds are such a waste of money without Zach. I mean, I love Frankie, but without Zach in the house he has no one to really bounce his crazy off with…what a waste.

We seriously need to get #SaveZach trending on twitter today!

I only have one thought floating around my brain today - “Please don’t let this be Zach’s last day”

If Zach doesn’t come back in the buy back I’m just going to depressingly sleep the rest of the week away drowning in my Zankie tears.

Well the editing for that episode was shit! Zach going up had absolutely nothing to do with the TA mission…and Zach was told the night before…funny how that was left out. Does CBS think no one watches the live feeds?

I think Derrick has literally told everyone in the house that they are the person he trusts 100% and the fact that they all believe it makes me want to claw out my eyeballs…except Donny…you rock Donny…I wish Zach and Frankie could have formed an alliance with you from the beginning.

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Seriously, without Zach and Frankie (especially Zach) on the show the live feeds would be about as entertaining as watching cooked rice ferment.


being interrupted mid sentence




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