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"You are the universe, expressing itself as human for a little while." — Eckhart Tolle (via vxul)

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Frankie’s eviction speech and goodbyes to the remaining HG’s was nothing short of epic!



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Ugh, I cannot stand Cody. His game has literally been to flirt with all the girls and talk shit about people. Remember all the shit he talked to/about Zach before he was evicted - he even continues to do it and he was seriously close to trying to start a fight with Zach the night at the pool table right before Nicole was evicted. And now his “big man who won’t actually do a damn thing about anything machoism” has turned to Frankie. And the fact that him/Derrick/Caleb want to blame Frankie for Zach, makes me want to throw objects at their heads and jog their memory so they can remember going up to Frankie and telling him they wanted Zach out. It hurts how dumb Caleb and Cody can be.

Seriously - Frankie, throughout the entire season, has been the only one to treat pretty much every HG about to be evicted with decency, even Nicole who he had serious issues with. He never ostracized them and he would never crush them in a goodbye message - ever. THAT is the kind of person he is. He may talk shit about them behind their backs (like every human being on the face of the planet) but will never do anything to make them feel hurt or less.

Seriously though, who is going to watch BB after Frankie is evicted. He and Zach were pretty much the only entertaining things about this season. If CBS were smart they would just make half of all upcoming episodes feeds from the jury.

Zach to Frankie: “You’ll probably have the most haters because everyone will be jealous.”

I really hope Caleb gets sent home next week and then Cody the week after that. It hurts thinking about Victoria getting in the F2, but after Caleb’s behavior this week and my general belief Cody has just skated by holding onto Derrick’s tail and flirting with the girls, I really want them gone. As much as Derrick’s gameplay has made me want to rip my hair out, his social game and manipulations have been brilliant (or else every other HG is extremely gullible - not sure which one it is) and I do really feel like he deserves to win.

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"I wanted to be a writer. Or a dinosaur handler at Jurassic Park. Either or. I believe there was a long period where I wanted to be Will Smith. Not an actor or a rapper, just Will Smith."

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Watching Teen Wolf 


During Season 1:


Season 2:


Season 3a:


Season 3b:


Season 4:


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I think Caleb is SUPER threatened by Frankie. He went in thinking he was going to be this unbeatable comp beast and instead a small flamboyant dancing gay boy came in and broke/tied comp records. And now Caleb is on this huge ego trip because he’s getting Frankie out of the house and proving he’s the real “King”. I can’t wait for him to be evicted next week.